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With a wide range of global Fortune 1000 clients, corporate executives, post-funded start ups, investment firms and communications professionals as clients, WhiteHatWiki is a leading “white hat” ethical services provider for high-end Wikipedia strategy and problem solving.


The Right Tools to Thrive in a
​​​Cloudy Environment


Wikipedia is a byzantine labyrinth of policies, guidelines and internal politics. We provide expert guidance derived from years of experience and thousands of edits. If needed, we will  engage in in-depth policy discussions or appeals on your behalf with other Wikipedia editors.

Article Redrafts 

Sometimes the best way to deal with a weak article is to submit a new draft for review. We always produce a detailed memo explaining the policy rational.

New Articles

After establishing “notability” and consulting with you, our experts conduct intensive research to create an encyclopedia quality article. Following your approval, we submit it for review by an independent Wikipedia editor, standing behind it with full disclosure of our role.

Crisis Control

Special policies apply when an article about you is vandalized, contains libel or is  grossly factually inaccurate.  We usually can get a quick resolution.


Anyone can edit any Wikipedia article at any time, including a growing base of anti-business trolls. We’ll set up 24×7 automated alerts for any changes and keep you up to date. We’ll contest edits that violate Wikipedia policy.


Updating a Wikipedia article about you under the official “conflict of interest” policies can be among the most challenging actions on the encyclopedia. We use sophisticated strategies and our  knowledge of the complex rules  to get results.

Complimentary Consultation

Confidential Review

1. Request A Review

2.  Consultation

Is your proposed topic “notable”, as defined by Wikipedia? Can something be done to deal with attacks inserted into an article? Have your attempts to update your article been reverted as “promotional”? We’ll assess your issues, do a a review of the relevant sourcing and any existing articles, and advise you if we can be of service. We only take clients we know we can help. If we can’t help you, we’ll explain why and will let you know what you might need to do in the future to increase your chances.

3.  Engagment

Once we’ve started working with you, we’ll intensely research the topic and create a top-tier encyclopedia article, re-draft or update. You’ll have time to review the draft article for accuracy and inclusiveness. In some cases, a background memo for independent reviewers will also be required. We’ll also advise you on issues such as the best timing and sequence of submissions and the best channels to seek an independent review of changes. Finally, we provide 24×7 monitoring to protect against vandalism, libel and violations of Wikipedia policies. 


Strategy and Insight

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We Bullet-Proof Your Wikipedia Presence

WhiteHatWiki specializes in “white hat” ethical Wikipedia strategy and problem solving, offering the highest possible level of writing and research, while strictly abiding by official Wikipedia policies, including full disclosure that we are paid consultants and independent review of all our work.

We not only avoid all “black hat” tactics banned by Wikipedia, we go above and beyond by using the real names and credentials of our experts on Wikipedia.
 ​Our full disclosure policy means that unlike most other Wikipedia consultants, we always publicly put our reputation on the line.

We’ve helped corporations, brands, executives, post-funded start ups, and executives with article on a wide range of topics, including on technical subjects ranging from artificial intelligence to cyber attacks. We often manage to get articles approved on topics that were previously rejected or deleted.  

Only full public disclosure of your own edits or those of a paid consultant like WhiteHatWiki, and review of all edits by an independent Wikipedia editor, unaffiliated with you, can bullet-proof you against scandal or possible violations of the law. Unlike other consultants, we’re scrupulous in following these Wikipedia policies, even though it means far more work for us. We don’t take unethical short cuts.

Our Process

An extensive consultation with the client is followed by intensive background research by seasoned Wikipedia experts with impressive real-world backgrounds as academics, lawyers, journalists and executives .Encyclopedia-quality articles and/or re-drafts or updates are produced in strict accordance with Wikipedia policies, such as neutrality, with the opportunity for several rounds of revisions.
All articles and updates are submitted for independent review by unaffiliated Wikipedia editors. Follow article and update through the review and approval process. We strictly abide by Wikipedia policies and guidelines throughout, including full public disclosure of our expert services using the real names and credentials of our experts. This bullet-proofs you from challenges or scandals about undisclosed editing.

Beware of Wikipedia consultants who do fully public disclosure that they are paid consultants on the “Talk” page of articles and on their personal Wikipedia profiles – it makes their job much easier, but puts you and the article at significant risk of deletion, reversal of changes, or embarrassment in the press. It may also violate FCC regulations in the United States and the laws of other countries.


We unsuccessfully tried to get our brand into Wikipedia ourselves. WhiteHatWiki not only got an article published, they wrote an interesting entry that does an excellent job explaining the difficult concepts underlying our artificial intelligence business. They took the time to research everything that’s been written about the company and it really showed in the article and its extensive sourcing. I really recommend WhiteHatWiki.

-Communications Director,  Series-A funded start up.

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